The use of social medias

Denmark vs USA

Most used social media


  • Facebook 63% 63%
  • Instagram 24% 24%
  • Snapchat 23% 23%
  • Twitter 6% 6%


  • Facebook 90% 90%
  • Instagram 65% 65%
  • Twitter 44% 44%
  • Snapchat 25% 25%

In this graphic, we have looked at the most popular social medias in both countries.
The graphics shows how many from the respective country, who uses the selected social media.

NOTE: The danish age group is from 12 years and up, while the american age group is from 18 years and up.

How many followers does the top-politicians
in Denmark and America have per. 1000 citizen?

Mette Frederiksen

Prime minister of Denmark

0 on Twitter
20 on Facebook

Donald Trump
President of the United States

220 on Twitter
76 on Facebook

Lars Løkke

Former prime minister of Denmark 

33 on Twitter
37 on Facebook

Hillary Clinton

Presidential candidate from the democrats in 2016

81 on Twitter
29 on Facebook

Why did we do this?

This is probably one of the best ways to put the politicians from Denmark and America side by side. This shows, that social medias – especially Twitter, is a huge focus in America, while the danish prime minister wins the election without even using Twitter. 

What numbers did we use?

American population count: 327.200.000
Danish population count: 5.603.000

#buildthewall #draintheswamp

Two of the most used and shared hashtags under the presidential election in 2016 was #buildthewall and #draintheswamp. The symbolized some of Trumps key messages.
They played an important role in the election, and they meant that the Republicans had a much stronger present on social media than the Democrats. In total 14 of the 25 most used hashtags, used in connection with the presidential election, was republican.

Is Facebook important during an election?

Cambridge Analytica with the Republicans and Trump by collecting data on more than 50 million american voters under the presidential election in 2016. Cambridge Analytica handed over all of that data to the PR managers for the Trump campaign, so they could use it to target as many voters as possible. He also hired russian agents to help him.
Trump’s campaign was 100-200 times as cost-efficient as Hillary’s campaign even though they spend approximately the same amount of money.

One of the biggest problems is that we are not aware of how our data is analysed and used to manipulate us, by changing our opinion or by forcing us to keep an opinion, by appealing to our emotions. When we use our social media accounts to sign up on different websites they not only collect our data but also our friends, and their friends. This is not illegal because we accept the “terms and conditions”.

One of the reasons that Trump got so much media coverage during the election, was that he dared say things that was not necessarily “political correct” and that created a lot of outrage and got him a lot more coverage than his opponents. In that way he reached more people than necessarily followed him on social media. That meant that he didn’t have to pay for some of the coverage that he got, in contrary to Hillary who had to pay.

Donald Trump works more tactically with social media than many other politicians. He uses Twitter to to personally address his supporters. Trump has tweeted approximately 50,000 tweets whereas Hillary only tweeted approximately 11,000 tweets. Donald Trump tweets what comes to his mind, and Twitter helps him to reach his followers.

Image of Facebook headquarters. Source

Where does the American people get their news?

According to Pew Research 43% of adults americans got there news from Facebook in 2019.
Americans get alot of their political knowledge from social media such as Facebook and Twitter instead of public debates and interviews. It is also hard to catch people’s attention on social media, because you have to get their attention the first 3 seconds otherwise you just scroll past it. In Denmark people also get their political news from social media, but also increasingly from news media and public debates. I Denmark we have different public service organs that cover the elections and relevant politicians.

Tricks of argumentation?

Donald Trump is using many tricks of argumentation in his tweets. On your right, you will find an example.

In this tweet we see that Trump is accusing Mike Bloomberg of fake News. He is using ad hominem argument when he is accusing Mike, especially when he calls Mike “Mini Mike” because he is kind of attacking Mike personally by calling him mini. He is generalizing by saying “They are all working together”. Donald Trump and Mike Bloomberg aren’t good friends, because Mike wants to run as the presidential candidate, so Trump accusing Mike isn’t surprising.